Monday, May 12, 2008

What I've Been Doing Lately

The first picture is of our new son about 4 hours after he was born. The second was taken about 30 minutes after he was born. Yes -- I know they are posted in the wrong order. My mommy brain just can't figure out how to fix that today. He is our fourth child but our first son. His 3 older sisters are excited about him and our almost-3-year-old keeps referring to him as "my baby". And to answer your questions....
1. No, we didn't keep having more children in hopes of finally having a son. We would have been happy with another daughter, too.
2. No, we don't know if we are "done" having children now that we have a son. We prefer to take things month by month and pray for God's guidance in this decision. We are open to having more children if that's what God wants for us. We are devout Catholics who aren't doing anything to prevent future pregnancies besides using the knowledge we have gained from Natural Family Planning (NFP) to recognize when I am ovulating. Maybe I'll write something more on that topic when I have had some more sleep than I've been getting recently.

This is why I've been too busy lately to post shopping deals. We're not really grocery shopping right now except for a few produce and dairy items. We have been blessed by a group of friends at church with meals every other day so we aren't even having to dig into our stockpile of staple items in the pantry and freezer right now. I did make a CVS run this morning (see post below) and hope to be back into the swing of frugal shopping by the end of the month.


Amy said...

He's adorable! We need to see him before we move. Ick, are people actually asking you if you're "done?"

That's so obnoxious... people were asking me that when we had our second!! WHAT? I mean, we did decide to stop with two, but it obviously wouldn't have been excessive to have more.

Seriously, the nurse in the hospital asked if I would like my tubes tied in the event that I have a c-section.

I was only 27 and on my second baby! LOL, people make the weirdest assumptions.

Lisa said...

Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful. When we had a girl after three boys, I was asked the same questions- "are you done now that you had your girl?"
May God bless your family,
Lisa (from the Seton list), who by the way is also a Lisa Marie. :-)

Anonymous said...
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