Saturday, March 1, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

Head on over to Money Saving Mom for lots more stories about the great deals people are getting this week. I haven't done much shopping this week and didn't take a picture of what I did get but I will go ahead and list it for you here.

I went to Super Target a few days ago because it's the only store in my area (besides CVS) that I KNOW takes internet coupons. It's with great sadness that I must report that my local Kroger stores won't accept them. So here's what I got at Target --

3 bags Flat Earth Chips -- $1.99 each -- total of $5.97
8 cartons Archer Farms Yogurt -- $0.52 each -- total of $4.16
1 box of Whole Grain Pop Tarts -- $1.67
2.76 pounds of bananas -- $0.52 per pound -- total of $1.44
2 gallons Market Pantry milk -- $3.49 each -- total of $6.98
8 individual string cheeses -- $0.24 each -- total of $1.92

Here are the coupons I used --

Manufacturer coupon for Flat Earth Chips (3 of them) -- $5.97
Target coupon for Pop Tarts -- $0.50
Manufacturer coupon for Pop Tarts -- $0.50
Target coupon for Bananas -- $0.50
Target coupon for string cheese (4 of them) -- $1.92

So I left Target spending a total of $12.75 out of pocket. My total before the coupons was $22.14. However, I don't really feel right saying that I was able to save 42% on my groceries at Target this week because I wouldn't have bought the chips or the Pop Tarts unless I had those coupons.

That's a dilemma I have every time I go to the grocery store and look at the receipt. At Kroger they will tell you "you saved $xx.xx using your Kroger Plus card" and I always want to point out to them, "No, I SPENT $yy.yy out of my grocery budget today." But I never do that because most of the cashiers would just look at me funny. I know that they are supposed to tell each customer that so I just let it go.

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Heidi @ GGIP said...

I know what you mean about those savings things. However, I guess you could just put it that you "saved XX% off retail price."

My dad always says that the problem with saving money is that you have to spend money to save it (most of the time at least.)