Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm embarrassed to post this, but it's funny!

As you probably know from reading my posts I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey. We have been on Dave's plan for years now and are living debt-free except for our mortgage. We pay cash (or use the debit card) for everything except gasoline. With the prices of gas we have decided that it works better FOR US to carry a gas card that we can only use at one brand of station. It's worked well for us because there are lots of those stations in our area and on my husband's regular route to work. This way we don't have to carry the cash for gas (it costs about $75 to fill the van and about $35 to fill his car) and we don't have to worry about overdoing it on the debit card in a given week at the gas station.

Here's the embarrassing/funny part. We also still have a card with Citibank that we use online only. I understand and agree with Dave Ramsey regarding the evils of credit cards in any form. I prefer them online because of the consumer protection they give me. I also use this one card for paying my utility bills automatically each month. Then on the date that the bill for the credit card is due I have them automatically debit my checking account for the full amount of the bill. This way we are never late and we never pay interest. The bonus is that we earn cash back on our purchases with that card -- and the utility payments garner a higher percentage than regular purchases. Since we don't have an annual fee or interest charges this actually is cash in our pocket. Well, I noticed the other day that when I opened the bookmark on my computer for the Citibank website that Dave's face was staring back at me! When I pull down my bookmarks many of them have little icons next to them. Like eBay has that little eBay symbol next to it and Yahoo has the big red "Y" next to it. Well, Dave's bookmark has his smiling face looking back at me and all of a sudden so does my Citibank link! I wonder what Citibank would think about that if they knew! I know Dave would get a good laugh out of it -- and he'd also chastise me for still having and using a credit card.

So there's my embarrassing/funny story for the day.

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