Saturday, April 19, 2008

CVS Deals for the week of 4-13 to 4-19

It was a pretty slow week for me and shopping. I'm just feeling exhausted lately -- probably because I'm slowly approaching the end of this pregnancy and I don't sleep well. I just can't get comfortable. I figure it's just preparation for the lack of sleep I'll be dealing with pretty soon when I've got a nursing baby up every 2 hours all night long.

ANYWAY...I did make it to CVS this evening but I haven't even brought the stuff in from the van yet so I don't have any pictures. Here's what I got --

2 packages CVS diapers (size 1, 44 count each) -- $8.99 (buy 1 get 1 free)
CVS dental floss -- $2.99
2 bottles VO5 shampoo -- $1.32
2 bottles VO5 conditioner -- $1.32

Coupons -- $3 off $10 CVS brand
$5 extra care bucks

Cash out of pocket -- $7.32
Earned $1 ECB (for dental floss)

Like I said -- it was a slow week for me at CVS but I figure spending less than $8 out of pocket and getting that many diapers was a pretty good deal for me this week.

I have plans tomorrow to head over to Albertson's and take advantage of the Yoplait yogurt deal. If you buy $10 worth of Yoplait you will get $3 off automatically at the register. I have a bunch of Yoplait coupons that I'll be using so I'll let you know what kind of deal I'm able to get late tomorrow evening.

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