Monday, August 4, 2008

Frozen veggies and water at Albertson's

This awesome sale ends Tuesday night so be sure to check it out quickly! They are doing their "$5 off when you buy 10" sale. There are tons of items included but the best deal I found for my family is the 6 packs of bottled water and the frozen vegetables. Both of them are $1 so when you buy 10 (mix and match) you will get them for 50 cents each. I need bottles of water for the birthday party we're having this week for my 3 daughters but my local store only had one 6-pack on the shelf last night. I'll be checking again this morning hoping they got a truck overnight. But I did come home with the following --
6 pack of bottled water -- 1
14 ounce bag of frozen baby green beans -- 9
16 ounce bag of frozen corn -- 10

Total amount spent -- $10.

Not a bad deal! Especially since I have the freezer space for the veggies and they are healthier than the canned ones.

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