Thursday, July 3, 2008

Flowers for Mary

Last month my mother in law gave us a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our 12th anniversary. Here's a picture of it --
Eventually they dried out and we threw them out in the back yard to be ground into the grass when it was mowed. That was this evening that they were put out there. Well, about 20 minutes later my oldest daughter comes running in and says "Come see what we did with the flowers in the yard!" They had gathered them all up and put them around the statue of Mary we have. Eventually I intend to make it a real "Marian Garden" but haven't gotten together the money and time to do what I want. The girls remembered that (and the fact that we've brought flowers for Mary at church many times in the past) and took it upon themselves to give them to her in our yard. It was so sweet! Of course then when I came outside to take a picture they started arguing with each other about where each stem should be so I was able to get pictures of them setting it all up again.

The final picture is the standard "squinting into the sun" shot.

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