Monday, December 21, 2009

Pet Peeve of the Day

This pet peeve of mine has just been driving me nuts even more lately because I have been using cash to pay for all my Christmas gifts. I can't stand it when cashiers hand me back my change and my receipt all in one big handful without counting it back. It's even worse when they don't tell me how much change they think they are giving me and then immediately move on to the next customer. I know they are in a hurry and probably being timed by management, but I'm still standing there trying to count my change to make sure they gave me the right amount. Then I'm putting it in my wallet. Then, if I'm at a place like the grocery store or Target, I'm gathering up my bags while dodging the next customer's merchandise coming down the conveyor belt. In a way I understand those Visa commercials that show the happy symphony of customers sliding their credit cards through the machines and then someone paying cash holding up the line. But in the grand scheme of things I made more money for the store by paying them in cash than if I had used a debit or credit card because they didn't have to pay merchant fees. They also didn't have to wait for payment from a bank or worry about a check bouncing. So why do I feel like I'm treated with less respect because I paid with cash?


Anonymous said...

They are rude to everyone Lisa. Sorry to say you aren't special! (to them I mean)That TICKS me off when they don't thank you or make sure you have the right bags though!

What irks me is when you pay with a debit or cash and they try to cajole you into applying for their card because it would save $X on your first charge. The lady at Sears almost got me the other day as the boots I bought would have been half-price and then I remembered how horrible that particular credit company is. No thanks just give me my change and I'll be on my way!

-Melissa (melissawf)

LisaMarie said...

Oh, yeah -- Sears is one of the worst credit cards. Did you know that the majority of Sears' income comes from feel and interest on their credit cards? It's almost like the act of selling merchandise is just a side business now.

Is Autism a Genetic Flaw? said...

I agree that this habit can cause anyone to get mad. We want to make sure we are getting back what is owed.

Scott said...

Come'on Lisa. Where's the new rants of the week?!?