Friday, October 31, 2008

Has the real John McCain come back??

I absolutely LOVED John McCain's speech at the Republican convention in Minnesota. He was full of spirit and energy and exhorting Americans to "stand up and fight" for their country. Then that John McCain sort of disappeared and this mousy guy took his place. I kept yelling at the TV screen, begging him to show that he has some fight left in him. Well, this morning I heard a clip of him at a rally in Ohio and it actually brought a tear to my eye. He was full of life again and ready to fight for the traditional America that we all love and don't want to lose. He was ready to fight to repair the economy. Best of all -- he was ready to fight to beat out Barack Obama. And the introduction he received from Rudy Giuliani was AWESOME! Now, Giuliani wasn't my favorite candidate in the primaries (that was Mike Huckabee) but I have to admit that he did a great job supporting McCain today. Why hasn't McCain had him along the campaign trail in recent weeks? Why did it take this long? Or maybe he's been there and I just haven't heard about it. It could be that the liberal media simply didn't report it. Who knows. Who cares. What I'm excited about today is that JOHN MCCAIN HASN'T GIVEN UP. We've still got a chance next week!

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